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PHILOSOPHY 40 Years of Toughness

At its launch in 1983, the G-SHOCK model DW-5000C with its revolutionary shock-resistant structure became the first wristwatch
to deny the conventional idea of the watch as a breakable item. In so doing, it established the “tough watch” as a new wristwatch genre.
G-SHOCK’s subsequent history of continuous evolution has now reached an impressive milestone with the 40th anniversary of its birth.

Structure. Functions. Materials. Design.
G-SHOCK focuses strict attention on these four factors in pursuit of further enhanced toughness.
Its primary objectives are robustness ensuring confident wear in any environment,
and practicality assuring reliable operation under any circumstances.
These objectives are realized in pursuit of the ultimate goal: supreme toughness.
Up to the present and into the future, with pride in its toughness,
G-SHOCK will continue to challenge even greater heights.
This is genuine toughness, passed down from one era to the next.

40th Anniversary Since 1983

Challenge The Limits


In pursuit of greater strength, striving for greater heights.
We seek innovative solutions to advance G-SHOCK’s evolution.


Toughness surpassing the extreme limits
of durability


Shock-resistant structure

A innovative hollow case structure that mitigates dropping shocks and vibrations, combined with an all-directional guard structure and cushioning material to protect key parts from external shocks.


Mud-resistant structure

A structure designed to keep out dust and mud by covering all the button parts with urethane material.



A reinforced structure capable of withstanding the three main types of gravitational acceleration: external shocks, centrifugal forces and vibrations. αGel® (Alpha Gel)*1 is inserted into the case to absorb and protect against vibrations.

*1 A soft silicone-based gel-like material with superior impact-absorption capabilities.


Core Guard Structure

A structure using the bezel, case back and stainless-steel pipes to form a frame that protects the inner case. G-SHOCK’s hollow case structure is realized with a metal external casing.


Clad Guard Structure

A structure in which the crown, buttons and guard parts are integrated for enhanced shock resistance. αGel® (Alpha Gel)*1 is inserted into the crown’s head cover.

*1 A soft silicone-based gel-like material with superior impact-absorption capabilities.


New Layer Guard Structure

A newly developed structure with resin cushioning parts inserted into the case, pioneering a tough new design domain.


Full-metal shock-resistant structure

Fine-resin cushioning parts are inserted between the bezel case and the inner case. Besides achieving a highly accurate fit, this structure responds with reactive force to ease shocks when tiny protrusions in the cushioning material are compressed.


Carbon core guard structure

Offering strength, lightness, and excellent durability, the carbon fibre-reinforced resin case protects the module. 


Slide lever changeable band

The band can be replaced easily by operating a lever at its base.


Ongoing pursuit of new materials


Urethane resin

Adoption of lightweight, easy-to-process urethane resin as a case material, significantly expanding the range of possibilities for form, design and color.


Full-metal Case

Development of an elaborate exterior design and reinforcement of the module to realize a shock-resistant full-metal case structure.


Metal Twisted Design

Completion of a tough design of remarkable “functional beauty” that combines strength and beauty in a case constructed of both metal and resin.


Carbon-fiber Insert Band

Realization of a remarkably tough band by inserting a carbon-fiber material with superior tensile strength into resin.


Titanium 64 Bezel

Adoption as the bezel material of titanium 64, which boasts greater strength than pure titanium while retaining titanium’s characteristic lightweight and corrosion resistance.


Carbon Bezel

A bezel constructed of a lightweight, high-rigidity carbon material produced by applying microstructure control technology to combine state-of-the-art carbon fiber with resin.


Carbon fiber reinforced resin case

The shock-resistant structure unique to G-SHOCK protects the module, with a carbon fibre-reinforced resin case offering strength, lightness, and excellent weather resistance.


Fluoroelastomer Band

The fluoroelastomer material provides an excellent fit on the wrist with its soft feel, not to mention exceptional resistance to staining and hydrolysis.


Titanium Alloy

An entirely new alloy developed for G-SHOCK with a hardness exceeding that of pure titanium offers excellent processability and suitability for mirror finishing.


Biomass plastic

Using renewable organic resources such as castor oil plants and corn helps reduce the ecological footprint.


Advanced functions enabled
by digital technologies


Sensor Technologies

Practical application of various miniaturized sensors, beginning with a temperature sensor, to take measurements of such environmental phenomena as directions, atmospheric pressure, altitude and water depth.


EL Backlight

Development of the EL backlight, a highly practical dial lighting function.


Solar-powered Timekeeping

Simultaneous installation of the Tough Solar recharging system that converts light into power and a standard time radio wave reception function that corrects the time automatically.


Smartphone Link

A function enabling linkage with a smartphone via Bluetooth® communication that expands the possibilities for watch functions to include simplified setting and automatic time correction.


GPS Hybrid Radio-controlled,
Solar-powered Timekeeping*3

A system that receives both GPS satellite time-calibration signals and standard time radio waves and uses them to display the correct time at the current location anywhere in the world.

*3 A system driven by Casio's original solar power system that employs GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite signals to determine the current location and correct the time.


Built-in Bluetooth®
+ GPS Hybrid Radio-controlled, Solar-powered Timekeeping

A function integrating GPS Hybrid radio-controlled, solar-powered timekeeping*3 with Bluetooth® communications to keep the correct time automatically based on accurate time information.

*3 A system driven by Casio's original solar power system that employs GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite signals to determine the current location and correct the time.


BLE Solar

Solar-powered timekeeping with Bluetooth® for enhanced accuracy and reliability


Trajectory of the tough design


Square Design

Adoption of a square design that prevents the buttons from contacting flat surfaces. Ongoing functional evolution has remained a constant standard ever since.


Analog Design

Realization of a shock-resistant structure with hands mounted on the dial that expanded the range of design possibilities to include analog/digital combinations.


Asymmetrical Design

Adoption of a bilaterally asymmetrical design with the case and band offset to prevent interference from the back of the wrist.


Bumper Protector

A design of watches with a protector installed to protect the glass from external shocks that gained popularity primarily on the street scene.


3D Face Design

Development of a dial comprising a complex assembly of 3D parts in a large, high-impact case.


Disc Dial Chronograph

Adoption of a disc dial capable of analog display of multiple functions on a complex combination of 3D dials.


Rainbow IP

Applied with teqniques such as vapor deposition and coating.


Multi color carbon

Hewn from laminated carbon and colored glass fiber, the bezel design expresses the mystical coloration and multilayered patterning. No two watches feature exactly the same coloration. Each shines with a radiance all its own.

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