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The GMW-B5000TVB

The GMW-B5000, or "Full Metal ORIGIN," is a series of watches that strongly reflects the platform position of the CMF (color, material, and finish) design that Casio has been promoting in recent years. The GMW-B5000TVB, the latest addition to the series, depicts 90s Japanese science fiction culture on a full-metal canvas. The watch's particularity as a digital watch with a high-specification exterior is linked to the world of science fiction.

Starting with a stainless steel model, the GMW-B5000 not only added titanium as an exterior material, but also made full use of color IP and laser processing to develop a wide variety of expressions in the four years since its birth. Among them, the GMW-B5000CS, with its grid tunnel pattern on the entire exterior, and the GMW-B5000TCF, with its camouflage pattern created by combining dots, not only gave a fresh look to the full-metal ORIGIN design, but also broadened the design expression of metal G-SHOCKs.

The GMW-B5000TVB also incorporates a new CMF design for an edgy look. The design is reminiscent of futuristic structures and vehicles from 1980s and 1990s science fiction movies, but the inspiration for this model comes from the “virtual world”.

The company was originally inspired to create the GMW-B5000 series by combining a digital watch with a high-quality metal exterior, and by a shared fascination with subcultural works such as video games and Japanese anime that depict a near-future world. The concept itself was adopted in the GMW-B5000TVA released in October 2021, and the new model is its successor. However, the completed design is truly innovative, and the finish is a significant sublimation of the previous model.

A departure from its predecessor, which featured a full black exterior, the GMW-B5000TVB is eye-catching with its three-color switching pattern of brown, silver, and black. To realize this design, Casio made full use of multi-colored IP processing. The base titanium case is treated with titanium carbide (TIC) to ensure scratch resistance, and then masked to create a silver zone in the center of the case. After applying brown IP to the entire case in this state, the lower left corner of the case is masked to preserve the brown IP, and then black IP is applied to the entire case. Finally, when the center and bottom left of the case are unmasked, a beautifully color-coded pattern is revealed.

This may seem like a simple process, but in fact, this masking process is very special. The reason is that ordinary masking would have resulted in twisted or chipped color boundaries, and to avoid such defects, the color boundaries had been placed so that they overlapped the concave portions of the watch. With the new manufacturing method, however, this is no longer necessary, and the borders can now be expressed firmly even on flat surfaces.

In addition, a graphic on the top bezel at 9 o'clock, which resembles a caution mark, is laser-engraved silver, while the 3 o'clock side is painted with a concave surface. The dimples on the lugs at 12 and 6 o'clock and on the band have been hollowed out, and the inside of these holes has been carefully masked to apply IP of the same color as the surface.

Despite the time-consuming manufacturing process, pure titanium is used for the exterior. Although stainless steel would have been easier to process, such as for the complex machining and finishing, this material was purposely chosen to express the concept of the virtual world with a higher quality watch, and this also led to a light and comfortable wearing experience.

The full-metal ORIGIN, with its unique expressions that develop one after another while incorporating new technologies, can truly be called a platform for CMF design. The never-ending CMF design will continue to surprise not only G-SHOCK freaks but also watch people all over the world.



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