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The MRG-B5000BA

The ORIGIN series is a direct descendant of the first model of G-SHOCK, ORIGIN, which inherited the octagonal design of the DW-5000C born in 1984 and equipped with advanced functions. The MRG-B5000 is a further evolution of the full-metal G-SHOCK, using materials such as stainless steel and titanium, and combines a strong body with an elegant appearance befitting the MR-G, the pinnacle of the G-SHOCK line.

The MRG-B5000, which attracted much attention immediately after its release, has already added a new variation to its lineup as its popularity continues to grow. While the basic design of the MRG-B5000BA is the same as the previous model, it has a different look and feel from the first MRG-B5000B, with a vapor-deposited dial and blue accents on the four corners of the bezel and screws using IP treatment. The design theme is "Aozumi”. It's an ink made of solidified blue pigment used in calligraphy. The motif of this design was based on a rethinking of what colors are best suited for the MRG-B5000.

ORIGIN series, which follows the design of the first model, is very simple compared to MR-G with its analog display. In other words, while both G-SHOCKs are characterized by the same "strength", the direction of strength differs from the ferociousness of the MR-G. The result is a "Zen" image. The simple design of ORIGIN, which strips away extraneous elements and maximizes the essence of shock resistance, evokes the image of quiet strength. The color of "Aozumi", which is said to have the power to heal the mind, was adopted to embody this tranquil image, and like the MR-G, which is based on a motif of armor, the watch is given a story.

However, the addition of these accent colors is only possible because the MRG-B5000 has evolved significantly from the GMW-B5000 in terms of materials and construction. The MRG-B5000, which uses advanced materials such as 64-titanium alloy for the case, Cobarion for top of the bezel, and DAT55G for the band, has enhanced scratch resistance, and in order to thoroughly polish even these high-hardness materials, which also ensures shock resistance performance. The new MRG-B5000 uses a new Multi-Guard Structure, which breaks down the bezel into 25 parts and ensures shock resistance. The subdivision of these parts also made it possible to develop variations such as the MRG-B5000BA, which incorporates accent colors.

One of the materials that played a role in achieving both toughness and decorativeness was DAT55G, a titanium alloy developed by Daido Steel, a specialty steel manufacturer based in Aichi, Japan. This material was originally developed for use in golf club heads. Development began in the late 1990s in response to the need to make balls fly farther and straighter, and it was first used in golf clubs in 2001. However, restrictions were eventually put in place on resilience to high resilience clubs that claim to jump, and the demand for DAT55G began to decrease around 2008. Daido Steel took this opportunity to reanalyze the characteristics of the material. As a result, Daido Steel proposed to Casio that the high strength and toughness of DAT55G might be suitable for wristwatches, which led to its adoption.

In addition to being harder and more scratch-resistant than the pure titanium that had been used in watches until then, Casio paid even more attention to its workability. The original material is relatively soft and can be easily processed into complex shapes, but by heat-treating it after processing, the finished product is about three times harder than pure titanium. Taking advantage of this characteristic, the MRG-B5000 uses DAT55G for the band. Fine pin holes on the side of the band, which could not be made with 64 titanium alloy, can now be easily machined in DAT55G. Furthermore, the DAT55G can be used to give a glossy look to the band surface and accent colors to the pins, making it the perfect material for the MRG-B5000, as the ultimate G-SHOCK ORIGIN watch.

The MRG-B5000's toughness and aesthetics could not have been completed without any of these materials. The challenging attitude and creativity that went into bringing this to fruition makes us look forward to the further evolution of the MRG-B5000 as well as the color development in this work.



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