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Running, working out, pushing it to the limit
— an essential piece of multi-sport gear
for your quest for toughness

The first G-SHOCK smartwatch with Wear OS by Google™.
A tough case ensures shock resistance and 20-bar water resistance, plus GPS functionality and multiple sensors.
Loaded with functions useful for a wide range of activities — from daily workouts to extreme sports.



Accessory: Dedicated charging cable


Accessory: Dedicated charging cable


Accessory: Dedicated charging cable

* Wear OS by Google works with phones running the latest version of Android (excluding Go edition and phones without Google Play Store) or iOS.
Supported features may vary between platforms and countries with compatibility subject to change.
Android, Google Play, Wear OS by Google, Google Pay and Google Fit are trademarks of Google LLC.




Capture data on

Sports Activities

Includes an original Casio app with support for a variety of sports.
From training activities like running, indoor workouts and swimming to biking,
snowboarding and fishing, the app includes 15 activities and 24 indoor workout options for use in a wide range of athletic settings.

Main supported activities
●Running ●Trail running ●Road biking ●Cycling ●Mountain biking ●Pool swimming ●Surfing ●Sailing ●Kayaking ●Stand up paddle boarding (SUP)
●Skiing ●Snowboarding ●Trekking ●Fishing ●Walking ●Indoor workouts (24 types)

Running / Walking

Manage your pace with ease.

- Distance, speed, time, pace
- Heart rate, heart rate zone, calories burned
- Map, route

Mountain biking / Road biking / Cycling

Stay on top of your rides and their details.

- Distance, speed, time, pace
- Altitude, road gradient
- Heart rate, calories burned
- Map, route, etc.

Mountain biking mode
shown on display.

Indoor workouts

Boost the quality and quantity of your exercise.

- No. of sets, no. of reps, weight
- Time active
- Heart rate, calories burned, etc.

Indoor workout mode (bench press)
shown on display.

•Stationery bicycle
•Arm curls
•Bench presses
•Shoulder presses
•Abdominal crunches
•Leg presses
•Push ups
•Sit ups


Indoor workout mode (bench press)
shown on display.

Indoor swimming

Visualise your laps.

- Stroke detection
- Target time
- Time elapsed
- Distance


Keep tabs on your catch.

- Fishing time
- Catch count
- Tide (high/low tide times, graph, moon age)
- Barometric pressure / barometric pressure graph
- Altitude / altitude graph, etc.

Sailing / Kayaking / SUP

Track your trips across the waters.

- Distance, speed, time
- Tide graph
- Calories burned
- Map, route, etc.

Sailing mode shown on display.


Manage surf session.

- Time elapsed
- Tide (high/low tide times, graph)
- Number of wave rides

Snowboarding / Skiing

Track your runs every day.

- Distance
- Speed
- Time elapsed
- Calories burned
- Heart rate, heart rate graph, heart rate zone
- Altitude / altitude graph
- Barometric pressure / barometric pressure graph
- Maps, routes

©Mapbox ©OpenStreetMap

Smartphone app G-SHOCK MOVE

Enables app management of various logs useful for training,
from activity history and analysis to progress verification and more.

Overlay performance data on videos

Use the app to edit videos and still images taken while you’re in action.
Create video or image files layered with sensor measurement data to share on social media.
*Screen depicted is currently under development.

Activity history(Left)

Shows lists of measurement data for each activity. Displays details from time/distance travelled, to cadence and calories burned, to map displays of the course taken on the road and more.

Training analysis(Right)
Use the app for convenient viewing and management of data analysed by the watch. Check the degree of training progress and results as a basis for planning.

Note: Bluetooth® is a registered trademark or trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.


How to connect to a smartphone and basic operations.


Multi-information display

View measurement data such as pace and heart rate in a three-tiered display layout. Customise and rearrange data points to create just the screen display to suit your purpose.


Casio apps

Quickly access the G-SQUAD PRO’s diverse array of functions. Swipe around the periphery of the screen to scroll through icons and locate the Heart Rate Monitor, Map and other features with ease. Buttons can be operated while wearing gloves.

Original watch faces

Dual-layer display offers outstanding visibility. Enjoy optimal multi-function display with the digital layer and auto switching between time and watch functions with the analogue. Choose from three different types of watch faces to suit the setting or your preferred style.

Theme colour settings

Select theme colours of blue, red, gold or custom for each of the three watch faces’ backgrounds, measurement screen interfaces and more.

Diverse functions

Packed with a diverse array of functions, from maps showing the current location and trajectory to the compass bearing, barometric pressure and altitude measurements, tide graphs, times of sunrise/sunset and more.



GPS functionality & multiple sensors

Obtains current location data from a GPS satellite. Optical sensors on the back of the watch measure heart rate. Also includes sensors for compass bearing and altitude/barometric pressure. Get real-time data with multiple sensors.


Dual-layer LCD display

Combines a monochrome, always-on LCD for time display with a colour LCD for high-definition display of maps, sensor data and more. This dual display enables optimal display options for your setting while maintaining excellent visibility at all times.
©Mapbox ©OpenStreetMap


Shock resistant and 20-bar water resistance

Features the original G-SHOCK shock resistant plus a water-resistant microphone and charging port. With an optical sensor to measure heart rate at the wrist and a microphone, the watch also provides shock resistance and 20-bar water resistance.


Case and button design

The frequently used START button is made in aluminium with an accent colour for improved visibility and operability. Honeycomb patterning is also applied to the case and band for an expression of toughness worthy of the G-SHOCK.


Titanium case back

Titanium offers excellent corrosion resistance. A titanium carbide finishing is applied to enhance abrasion resistance.

Wear OS by Google

Comes loaded with the latest version of Wear OS by Google to offer Google Assistant support and notifications for email, telephone calls, social media and more. Apps including Google FitTM and Google MapsTM can be used as well for outstanding daily convenience. Apps can be downloaded through Google Play.

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