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A native of OSAKA, Ibuki started dancing when she was 7 years old. Ibuki is trained in many different style of street dance. From popping, to hip-hop to locking but ultimately, she fell in love with waacking and the rest is history. Ibuki has been travelling around the world battling in different competition since 2010. Her accolades and wins, includes not only Waacking competition but also open styles category. Dance competition aside, Ibuki also travels and teach in different part of the world. Ibuki loves teaching and is a mentor to many students in Japan. Ibuki strongly believes in growing the Waacking and dance community from the grass root level and this is evident in many of her work with kids and teens. Dance aside, Ibuki also love fashion and is a big advocate of female empowerment.

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Message from IBUKI

In this shoot, the style for each G-SHOCK was quite mature, and it made me feel tough! It was a fun shoot since I was able to find a different side of myself. Also, since I was a kid, I used to get many G-SHOCK and BABY-G watches when I won a dance competition, so I was very excited to be a model this time. Thank you!

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