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G-SQUAD - GBD-H1000 - Smartphone Link | G-SHOCK MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA

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Training Analysis Data

Data analyzed with the phone can be transferred to the app for easier reading and management. This helps you spot changes in your VO2 max and training status, which you can incorporate into your training results and future improvement plans.

  • VO2 max history
  • Training status history
  • Training load history
  • Monthly target attainment rate

Training History

Training history shows a list of training data for each activity. In addition to running distance, time, and pace, calories burned, and other data, you can also track your roadwork routes on maps.

  • Route traveled
  • Running distance, time, pace
  • Calories Burned
  • Time in heart rate zone
  • Training effect

Training Plan

This screen displays a target heart rate zone, running time, running distance, and other training details tailored to a specific purpose. For example, you can create a plan that targets a marathon event, health improvement, or some other goal. You can send a heart rate zone to the watch and use it as a benchmark for your training.

  • Plan type
  • Training schedule
  • Target heart rate (Transferable to watch)
  • Running time
  • Running distance

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