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Hodinkee - The G-SHOCK Tough Tour | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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The G-SHOCK Tough Tour

As featured on Hodinkee

Explore all six installments as we dive in to the most attractive and toughest G-SHOCK watches of the year.

The legendary resiliency of G-SHOCK watches is something of a given. This new breed of timepieces, however, injects a bold dose of colorful street style, edgy materials, undeniable cultural inspiration, and wearable tech to bring G-SHOCK’s rugged DNA to a new generation of collectors and enthusiasts.

In a more purely classical sense, you might describe an “everyday” timepiece as taking you from the boardroom to a benefit gala. But our every day has changed and that one watch has to handle the rigors of on-the-go commuting, as well as the tech-enabled demands of remote working. Business life is more about active collaboration, not traditional desk work. An everyday timepiece should express all the unique facets of our lives, and our style. Socializing and downtime are now defined by a broader spectrum of more individualized personal choices to recharge, not just running with the pack.

The defining toughness of G-SHOCK watches has a prominent place in all these lifestyle roles. But in these latest releases, smart technologies and bolder design and styling marry a winning approach to functionality with a vibrant avenue of self-expression to offer rock-solid everyday G-SHOCK choices that make a stronger personal statement.

The re-envisioning of an iconic product through Japanese cultural filters is an additive exercise; something is gained in the process. The word takumi means “artisan,” but it also represents an overarching artistic and craftsman philosophy that strives for a certain sense of harmony through intense attention to detail. The new visual elements, materials, and influences of these G-SHOCK timepieces may be bold, but they are never out of balance.

Also in perfect sync with the message of fitting an active life, updated elements of relevant wearable connected technology make their way to your wrist in the latest G-SHOCKs. Worry-free accuracy is enhanced by GPS satellite signal and multi-band standard-time radio reception, ensuring precision timing wherever you go. A proprietary solar-charging system provides ample renewable power for each timepiece’s enviable spectrum of functions. Bluetooth linking to your mobile device and each watch’s associated app gives you the power to configure and customize timepiece functionality, share data between your watch and the app, and even use your G-SHOCK to find your phone.


All of this innovation comes by way of an enduring respect for G-SHOCK’s core values. After all, back in 1983, creator Kikuo Ibe simply wanted to create a timepiece that was resilient enough to stand up to the extremes of modern life. Now, that signature toughness arrives on your wrist with a fresh perspective and modern looks.

As these new timepieces are unveiled on HODINKEE over the coming months, expect innovations in color and materials that enhance the tried-and-true digital design that G-SHOCK is known for. In each of the pieces debuted here, a new design language screams toughness tempered with style, and yet embodies a kind of modern-day warrior spirit. While these new timepieces may carry a familiar form, you’ve never seen anything quite like them from G-SHOCK.

All content including images is credited to Hodinkee.

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