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Here's a Closer Look at the G-SHOCK GST-B400-1A

As featured on Hypebeast, June 8, 2021


Reaching peak timepiece design through the thinning of its modules and the carbon core guard structure.


G-SHOCK is building upon its revered metal-cased G-STEEL line of style-centric timepieces by delivering the all-new GST-B400-1A, coming through in new color variations with improved features. The upcoming slim G-STEEL editions shows off a newly-designed, thin module. This maneuvers inside the watch with fewer internal components that allows for cases just 12.9mm deep — more than one millimeter less than the previous — and power consumption over 50% less than its predecessor as well.

The latest hero from the G-SHOCK slim G-STEEL line includes a silver color face with a black resin band. This version of the GST-B400 hones in on miniaturization of its parts without sacrificing any Bluetooth or solar function. The new lower power requirements also mean that the dial doesn’t need to take in as much light to charge its battery, allowing Casio to opt for a more opaque dial framework, which is boosted by inset pieces that further extend the metallic aesthetic of the watch. And, when connecting to the smartphone app via low-energy Bluetooth, time adjustment is automatically performed based on location and a Time & Place function that allows the wearer to log current time and location on a map with a single button press.

G-SHOCK’s GST-B400-1A certainly hits the mark when it comes to innovating while keeping the brand’s house codes. The model features the carbon core guard structure, which helps to make it the thinnest of the G-STEEL Series yet while maintaining a high level of impact resistance. Using materials like mineral glass and neobrite, the timepiece remains shock resistant and water resistant up to 200 meters. In terms of design, the number of button guards has been reduced as much as possible, enabling the use of large stainless steel buttons that are slim yet easy to operate. Finally, CASIO’s original solar-charging system, Tough Solar, even converts not only sunlight but also light from fluorescent lamps and other sources into power.

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