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Royal Navy Frogman - Hypebeast | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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Royal Navy X G-SHOCK Frogman
Doubles Down on Indestructible Reputation

As featured on Hypebeast, March 1, 2021
By James Buttery

G-SHOCK is taking its reputation for near-indestructible watches to new extremes for its latest collaboration with the British Ministry of Defence.

The Royal Navy x G-SHOCK Frogman combines a Carbon Core Guard with a monocoque case made from carbon fiber-reinforced resin while water-resistance of 200m is guaranteed by sealing potential ingress points with three gaskets. Despite the oversized proportions of the irregular case (56.7 x 53.3 x 19.7mm), the Frogman weighs just 119g.

The asymmetric Frogman case has been designed with comfort in mind and is offset away from the wrist to allow for a full range of motion when dexterity is required.

Designed in conjunction with the Royal Navy, the Frogman not only uses the service’s red, white and navy colour palette but bases its aesthetic on the HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navy’s largest ever aircraft carrier. The watch also features a bespoke naval version of G-Shock’s Frogman character engraved on the case back.

G-SHOCK has employed exaggerated hour markers and hands under its sapphire crystal for optimum legibility underwater and dual coil motors to drive its Neobrite luminescent hour, minute and world time hands for high-speed adjustments and instantaneous mode changes.

The solar-powered watch also features Multi-Band 6 automatic radio timekeeping, Bluetooth mobile link, tide graph, diving mode, LED illumination and a hand shift mode which moves the hands to offer a clear view of the dial.


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