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Hodinkee - The G-SHOCK GM-B2100 | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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The G-SHOCK GM-B2100

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The Evolution of the Octagon

As can be seen from the distinctive octagonal bezel, the GM-B2100, a newcomer to the G-SHOCK full metal series, is based on the GA-2100, one of the most successful models of recent years.

The GA-2100 was born in 2019. Casio has been developing a new model targeting the younger generation for several years, and the result is the GA-2100, which inherits the philosophy of the original G-SHOCK, but with a smaller and more minimalist look. At the time, the mainstream G- SHOCK lineup was dominated by rugged designs. The design of the GA-2100, which pursued simplicity, was controversial even within the company, but when the time came for the GA-2100 to be unveiled, it was well received globally. As you know, it was a hit in the US as well, a hit that would go down in G- SHOCK history, and since then the lineup has rapidly expanded to include the GM-2100 metal-covered model and the GA-B2100 with smartphone link and Tough Solar.

Meanwhile, full metal G-SHOCK, which debuted in 2018 with the GMW-B5000, not only expanded its variations with CMF (color,material,finish) design, but in 2020, based on the first analog x digital combination model, the AWM-500 was released. The GM-B2100 will be the third in a series of full-metal models to follow the AWM-500. Since only legacy G- SHOCK models have been made in full metal so far, it is somewhat surprising that an up-and-coming model introduced only three years ago has been added to the lineup. According to Casio, the GA-2100 was a worldwide hit, and the company is now looking to develop this into a next-generation masterpiece.

Side view of GM-B2100

Side view of GMW-B5000

The core shock-resistant construction follows that used in the GMW-B5000. A fine resin cushioning material is inserted between the center case protecting the module and the top bezel to provide a dampening effect. However, since the GM-B2100 has an analog display, parts around the dial and hands could fall off if the watch is dropped, and the dial is more complex than the AWM-500, which also has an analog display, so the design could not be used in the same way. Therefore, the GM-B2100 is based on the shock-resistant structure of the previous full-metal model, but incorporates a new design that updates the dial structure of the AWM-500. The most distinctive feature of the watch is the octagonal bezel, which is formed by skillful forging techniques. The octagonal bezel design, extracted from G-SHOCK's origins, has been carried over to the latest generation of the iconic GM-B2100.

The GA-2100 is a compact and thin model, and this concept has been carried over to the GM-B2100, but on the other hand, the screw back, a common element of the full metal series, cannot be removed. Therefore, the GM-B2100 has a case thickness of 12.5 mm, achieved by trimming the center case and the inside of the top bezel to the barest minimum, while further reducing the clearance between the top of the bezel and the glass surface. In addition to being the thinnest in the full metal series, it is only 0.6 mm thicker than the GA-2100, allowing the compact and slim proportions of the 2100 series to be enjoyed.

Of course, the GM-B2100 shows an uncompromising attitude not only in terms of performance, but also in its aesthetics. The addition of rose gold to the color variation lineup foreshadows the future expansion of the full metal series, and the dial design is different from that of the previous 2100 models (GA-2100, GM-2100, and GA-B2100). The indexes and the hand at 9 o'clock have a three-dimensional effect, the C-shaped ring at 9 o'clock is a separate part, and the parts around the digital display are machined, etc., all of which are done using Yamagata Casio's superior technology to create a rich look befitting a full metal series. The texture of the dial has certainly improved over the previous 2100 series.

The GM-B2100 is the latest addition to the Full Metal Series, which has been developing numerous models since its inception in 2018, but the GM-B2100 reminds us of Casio's uncompromising commitment to continual updates. The GM-B2100's CMF design brings a variety of variations, and the future development of the full metal series, which continues to evolve at a rapid pace, will also require continued attention.

All content including images is credited to Hodinkee.

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