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The MTG-B3000BD is the latest concept in the G-SHOCK MT-G lineup, with a bulky design and thin enough to withstand business use, and is designed for the modern lifestyle. The massive proportions of the MTG-B3000BD are visually appealing and an important element in enhancing the appeal of G-SHOCK, which are known for their shock resistance. While the watch's strong presence and wide variety of design variations have created many G-SHOCK freaks, its high-impact design has also limited the styles and scenes in which it can be worn by many users.

People's lifestyles have changed dramatically since the year 2020. The same is true in fashion. Although some business styles have become more casual over the years, the trend has accelerated, and the choice of wristwatches has changed along with it. MTG-B3000BD is the new MT-G, born under these circumstances.

The MTG-B3000BD project was launched in 2020. It was a time when it was unclear how the world situation and lifestyles would change, as well as what kind of wristwatches would be favored in the future. In the face of such an uncertain future, Casio's answer was to create an MT-G that could respond to a wider range of lifestyles, and the MTG-B3000BD, while maintaining the series' characteristic fusion of metal and resin exterior and shock resistance, has a case that is more than 2mm thinner than its predecessors. In addition to being light and comfortable to wear, the new MTG-B3000BD fits easily into the cuff of a sleeve, making its proportions more compatible with jacket styles than ever before.

Inside is a quartz movement, the thinnest G-SHOCK radio-controlled solar chronograph module in history. It was developed using the thinning technology (high-density mounting technology) pursued by OCEANUS, and in addition to miniaturizing each component of the module, the layout of the components was also changed. While a general wristwatch would only require a thinner module, the G-SHOCK movement required a rethinking to ensure that it could withstand the shock resistance standards.


Moreover, just installing this thin module does not yet meet the G-SHOCK standard. To ensure shock resistance, the MTG-B3000BD brushed up the dual-core guard structure developed for the previous MTG-B2000. The MTG-B3000BD features a newly designed metal caseback with a three-dimensional structure that integrates the button guards and crown guard, and this caseback covers the carbon fiber reinforced resin case from the bottom, making it both thinner and more shock-resistant.

The metal caseback is surrounded by a unique shape with multiple protrusions such as the guard protecting the 9 o'clock side, the crown and button guards, and the lugs, a design inspired by a "bird's" nest. The caseback protects the module from shocks, just as a bird protects its eggs and chicks from the bottom to the top of its nest.

Nevertheless, a caseback with such a complex shape has never been used in a G-SHOCK before. Casio first used CAE analysis to identify parts prone to deformation on a computer, and to analyze negative structural points, such as areas where stress tends to concentrate or weaken. By repeating evaluation tests on actual watches that reflected these results, Casio arrived at a shape that would meet the shock resistance performance requirements of the G-SHOCK.

The complex shape of a one-piece caseback naturally makes it extremely difficult to manufacture. Metal parts are manufactured by forging a thick sheet of metal into a certain shape, then cutting and polishing it to a finish. The caseback of the MTG-B3000BD has been forged more times than any other G-SHOCK to date.


The MTG-B3000BD has undergone numerous evaluation tests and manufacturing processes to achieve both a thin case thickness of 12.1 mm and shock resistance. In addition, this model features a new band that can be attached and detached with a single push, without the need for a dedicated tool. This is a gimmick that can be easily changed to match the user's mood or outfit, making the MT-G a watch that meets the needs of a wide range of lifestyles in this era.


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