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Hypebeast - G-SHOCK’s GA-2100 Matte Black Body Returns With Neon Accents | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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G-SHOCK’s GA-2100 Matte Black Body Returns With Neon Accents

As featured on Hypebeast, 24 Feb 2022

The GA-2100 emerges in neon-noir, the original all-black model revamped with inky, luminescent internal accents.

G-SHOCK turns to textured matte black and neon accents for its Neon Accent Series, a three-piece collection of timepieces revamped with inky, luminescent internal hands and labels.

The G-SHOCK GA-2100 stealth black body remains, now accented with fluorescent hands, hour marker tips, day indicators and dial labels in neon, blue, green and orange colorways. The internal LCD contrasts against the matte black lugs, case and strap.

The blacked-out body features a built-in double LED backlight at the face and digital display that enhances readability during evening activity and can be set at world time in 48 cities. The GA-2100 includes a 1/100-second stopwatch, countdown timer and an internal alarm, which can be set up to five times a day.

The featherweight and slim GA-2100 model features a Carbon Core Guard structure and an interior case made of carbon fiber-reinforced resin, boasting G-SHOCK’s familiar ruggedness with futuristic design. The strengthened internal mechanisms contribute to GA-2100’s shock-resistant body, including its 200-meter water resistance. For added measure, G-SHOCK reinforces its internal components in urethane, adding suspended timekeeping modules inside the watch structure for premium stabilization. Despite the model’s durable armor, the timepiece feels lightweight on the body.

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