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Hypebeast - G-SHOCK Releases the Grunge Snow Camouflage Series | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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G-SHOCK Releases the Grunge Snow Camouflage Series

As featured on Hypebeast, 24 Dec 2022

Crisp white watches as magical as a winter snowfall.

G-SHOCK is leaning into the beauty of winter with its latest timepiece series. The brand has unveiled the all-new Grunge Snow Camouflage collection, which delivers an icy clean snow camouflage design as well as several unique, all-white base watch styles that bring the best of the season to the wrist. The latest assortment comes along in four base models: the thin octagonal GAE-2100, the square case DW-5600, the sporty analog-digital combination GA-2200 and the rugged and powerful GA-900.

The G-SHOCK Grunge Snow Camouflage series takes heavy inspiration from white winter scenes, with a camouflage pattern representing a silver metal world covered with snow. Despite the point of inspiration, white and off-white models blend with stylistic shapes and patterns to create watches that will make a statement all year round. The hero watch, model GAE-2100GC-7A, has a low DPI style for a unique look when viewed up close, with its hour markers made of clear resin to represent a snowflake. It comes with a limited-edition box set that also includes an interchangeable olive green bezel and cloth band. Another option, the GAE-2100GC-7A, also comes with an additional dark green band and bezel to add some different styles to the mix.

The digital snowflake motif pattern is printed on the white color bases by multi-angle printing, which gives each piece a distinct finish. All four timepieces in G-SHOCK’s Grunge Snow Camouflage series continue to take on the usual parameters of shock-resistance and 200-meter water resistance. They also provide a stopwatch, countdown timer and lights for digital display and face that improve visibility in the dark. In addition, the GA-2200GC, GA-900GC and GAE-2100GC can set world time from 31 time zones.

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