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Hypebeast - G-SHOCK Embraces Mother Nature With the Mystic Forest Series | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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G-SHOCK Embraces Mother Nature With the Mystic Forest Series

Four new mixed-color, molded bezels that evoke the trees of the forest.

As featured on Hypebeast, 30 Nov 2021

G-SHOCK is embracing Mother Nature in all its essence and grace with the all-new Mystic Forest series. Unveiling the latest collection of four mixed-color molded bezels, featuring green and brown camouflage patterns, the dark earthy tones evoke the vegetation and trees of that of a dense forest. Mixing the molded process with these models creates a unique texture that makes each of these watches have their very own flare and substance.

The hybrid analog-digital Mystic Forest series timepieces feature a compact and lightweight Carbon Core Guard case structure, taking on the thin, tech-forward look of the GA-2200 models. Pairing two colors of resin, the green mix-molded bezel/band (GA-2100FR-3A) and brown mix-molded bezel/band (GA-2100FR-5A) comes along with an octagonal, slimmer shape at 45.4 millimeters wide, 11.8 mm thick, and 51 grams. While the more circular-shaped green mix-molded bezel/band with its inverted green-tinted LCD display (GA-2200MFR-3A) and brown mix-molded bezel/band with its inverted LCD display (GA-2200MFR-5A) are wider at 47.1 mm wide, 13.1 mm thick, and 57 grams. Both models have an approx. 3-year battery life.

As casual and easy-to-style color models, these watches are ideal outdoor scenes but also for street fashion and everyday wear too. As usual, all four timepieces work as practically as they look visually pleasing, remaining shock-resistant and water-resistant up to 200 meters. Containing elements of our natural environment in a design forward aesthetic, the Mystic Forest Series is captured lively above and below.

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