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G-SHOCK 6900: Tough watches in an endless pursuit of strength

Published on 15 August 2022

The 6900 series has become a popular model worldwide, supported by United States young people who love skate culture and HIPHOP. Also, the series won fans as a “Triple Graph” model and has remained just as popular to this day. This model fits a variety of styles including street fashion and sports scenes.


DW-6900 series

GM-6900 series


The Origin of G-SHOCK in US

During the G-Shock boom that occurred in the United States in the 1990s, the DW-6900 series was particularly popular. It was a big hit in the street scene with skaters, surfers, and HIPHOP. Its design presence and unique visuals have also made it a favorite product of many celebrities.


Toughness Inspired by a perfect circle

A perfect circle has the greatest surface area given the same circumference, so Casio drew on that form for the design code in most efficiently putting together the necessary elements of shock-resistant construction. Dial, case, bezel, Triple Graph: using this universal shape throughout the exterior makes for a highly finished design that will resonate for generations to come. 

Four factors for 6900 models keeps being loved


All form lines are designed in concentric circles. The conical bevel of bezel keeps the profile from looking too bulky and reduces interference with the wrist.


Layering the dial on top of the LCD provides design possibilities.


The ingenious three circular graphics work in tandem to enrich the LCD face.


Designed and developed to control the backlight, its sense of stability lifts it out of a merely functional role and cements it as an icon of strength on the G-SHOCK’s exterior.

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