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GM-2100CH X GM-S2100CH Precious Heart Selection | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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GM-2100CH X GM-S2100CH Precious Heart Selection

Published on 14 Nov 2021


G-SHOCK introducing “Precious Heart Selection” - GM-2100CH and GM-S2100CH. Go sleek, sharp and bold with a G-SHOCK standard-bearer in a metal-clad octagonal take on the original iconic design.

Adding to the GM-2100 and GM-S2100 collection which is popular for its simple and thin design, the “Precious Heart Selection” feature Gray ion-plated stainless-steel bezels, black resin bands, and decorated with gold, green and red festive color.

Both GM-2100CH-1A & GM-S2100CH-1A are available individually.  


This collection is available for pre-order via online

(exclusive to CASIO ID Members)

 from 15th Nov 2021 - 18th Nov 2021


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