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Made.Tough: Youths In Balaclava | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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Made.Tough: Youths In Balaclava

Published on 4 March 2022

Time is forever running out– what do you need to do before you do what you want? Perhaps the largest quarry to overcome between the stage of ideation and execution is deciding when to begin. Reasons come, and excuses go, but not a soul can tell you how you should flow. Take your days off in stride, allow the beckoning of your spirit to consume you, and cling onto your waxy yet wondrous dreams. The imposing portrait of your idol that sits pretty atop your dresser will eventually collect dust– an unwavering fate akin to almost every other facet of life subject to the passing of time. To understand that even trailblazers require a flint is to acknowledge and accept the labour expended on attaining that initial first spark.

Time is running out– how long before you do you?



Inspired by the story of Cinderella, Youths In Balaclava explored their life before and after midnight, a tale of two different lives but one shared story for each individual.


For the people of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


1. Tell us more about the YIB collective and how it started?

In the early years, YIB started off as a secondary school clique of five, comprising of Taufyq, Yi Chen, Spencer, Mike and Zach. Taufyq then introduced his brother, Kasyfi, to the clique– and naturally, five became six. Up to no good, the six of them found similar interests and decided to properly pursue passions of a common goal. Along the way on their walk of life, the hand of fate leads them to cross paths with Delvin, Hanif, Kai, Buzz, Elsa, Zee, and Ari.

2. What was your first collection like?

The first collection will forever hold a special place in our hearts. It meant a great deal to us because it was the first time we saw our ideas & designs come to life. Back then, as 17/18-year-olds with no proper training in the field, actually holding onto a t-shirt we designed further motivated us– made us hungrier– and gave us reassurance that our pursuit of passion is feasible.

3. I’m sure that you guys faced a lot of setbacks along the way, what keeps you guys preserving and believing in it?

Setbacks are only natural in life, but what matters is how one reacts to it. Whenever we encounter any setbacks– large or miniscule– we keep in mind that we can rely on each other and that these moments are the ones that will truly solidify any lesson to be learnt. As Yi Chen says: ‘Many hands build a house, but many hearts build a family…’

4. Who and which things are the inspiration while creating any design?

We very strongly believe that inspiration can come from anywhere. Some of our main sources of inspirations include (though most definitely not limited to): music, artists, our own individual moods, nature, geography, cultures, and even politics. Ever walk down the street and notice some very visually appealing cracks in a wall? Same thing.

5. How do you stay updated with the trends in the fashion industry?

Mostly social media, online articles, or even just from one another. But we only ever stay updated with trends in the fashion industry to make fun of them. Though the trends almost never play a factor in our designs, we do have some references to look at that help us flesh out our ideas even more– for example, Converse for shoes, Levi’s for jeans, and G-Shock for watches.

6. For you, what are the most important facets of the fashion industry?

Fashion is an art form, after all, so to us, the most important facet is the intention (or lack thereof) of art. Timeless designs are a huge plus, kinda like G-Shock Tough Heritage with it’s instant-classic design.


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