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Black Eye Patch | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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Black powder explosion against white background. Charcoal dust particles exhale in the air.

BlackEyePatch Collaboration

Published on 10 Oct 2021


G-SHOCK has teamed up with the Tokyo based BlackEyePatch label to launch an exciting collaboration. Built on the classic heavy-duty GA-900, this latest collaboration is fashionable and durable through harsh conditions.

With BlackEyePatch's iconic “取扱注意” (Handle with Care) kanji motif, this latest G-SHOCK has a simple, minimalist design in basic gray, with accents in a shade of orange often used in workwear. This model has an additional, swappable cloth band that sports the URL This new G-SHOCK watch is the true union of toughness and fashionable. 

Special packaging

Additional cloth band

Back engraving

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