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Daruma Series | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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Daruma Series

Published on 10 Oct 2021


Introducing a Daruma inspired G-SHOCK series. This series comprises of the classic DW-6900, DW-5600 and GA-100 models. With G-SHOCK’s “Never give up” brand identity in mind, this series features the visage of Daruma bushy eyebrows and beard throughout the whole collection.

Base models for this lineup are the original square-face DW-5600, the classic GA-100 digital-analog combination model, and the long-popular three-digital dial DW-6900.

The DW-5600DA model features a Daruma red body with the image of a Daruma printed on its face. Turning on the watch’s backlight causes a Daruma face to float up on the display. The GA-100DA comes with a red face and black band, and the small hand of the dial at 12 o’clock also features a Daruma motif. The DW-6900DA model also has a red body. Its three digital dials are incorporated into a Darumalike visage with bushy eyebrows and a beard. The band rings of all three models are printed with a Daruma image.

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