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Functional beauty in a new toughness-oriented design. Built tough with Carbon Core Guard.

Innovative watches that look great with outdoor styles, built with a Carbon Core Guard structure. The exterior design incorporates six front screws and a front button, not to mention the analogue dial has an indicator inspired by an automotive brake disc, these watches deliver functional beauty worthy of the G-SHOCK name.






Design & Technology

Strong. Light. Slim.
Carbon Core Guard Structure


Offering strength, lightness and excellent weather resistance, a
carbon fibre-reinforced resin case protects the module.
Furthermore, with a glass fibre-reinforced resin cover
enclosing the case back, the watch is slim at just 12.8mm.

Front Design With Tough Look


Six front screws secure the bezel. The case features a front
button for operation of the light. While structural and
functional in their utility, the components serve as design
accents as well, distinguishing the watch face with a tough look.

Functional Beauty with Finer Detail
Three-dimensional Disk Indicator

An intricately shaped disk indicator is placed at the 9 o’clock
position. Sharpness of form right down to the cut of the edges
is achieved with state-of-the-art metal moulding technology.
Vapour deposition further emphasizes the metallic texture of
the GA-2200M. Combined with an inset dial ring and irregular
shaped LCD on the dial, the watch creates a mechanised look.

Powerful and easy to use: Oversized side buttons

Despite slimming the case, we were still able to increase the size of the side buttons. Knurling on upper surfaces enhances their ease of operation. Inserting the buttons between the bezel and back cover gives even the side view of the watch a gear-like appearance.

Slide lever makes band changes easy

Super Illuminator for maintaining watch readability in the dark
(High-brightness double LED light)

*Image shows the GA-2200-2A.

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