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Metal Covered GM-2100 | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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Metal Covered GM-S2100

Published on 3 Sep 2021

Simple, compact, and beautiful — a metal-clad watch with a minimalist design

The new series GM-S2100, which is a smaller version of the G-SHOCK GM-2100 featuring the octagonal form of the original G-SHOCK DW-5000 and metal materials into the slim and compact GA-2100. GM-S2100 is only 11.00 mm thick which is even slimmer than GMA-S2100. 

There are 3 color ways: pink gold, green, and black. The stainless-steel bezels are done in a circular hairline finish for a touch of elegance. A flat dial with a vapor-deposit finish and a mirror finished hour markers create a stylish and gorgeous look. These watches highlight the power and beauty of metal in a simple design that coordinates easily with a wide range of fashions. In terms of function, these watches are equipped with world time which allows you to select time from 48 cities and a double LED light for the face and for the digital display which gives a clear view in dark places.


Octagonal form

The octagonal design motif maintained since the very first G-SHOCK is now available in stainless steel. Forging and round hairline finishes applied to the top surface give the watch a sophisticated textural look. The elimination of all engraving other than lettering at the top and bottom makes for a solid design.

Face design

The intricately shaped dial paired with the mirrored index gives the watch face a sense of depth. The design accent of a sawn line finish applied at the 9 o’clock position creates a simple yet powerful appearance.

Ion plating colours

Colour variations are offered with pink gold IP (GM-S2100PG) and dark gray IP (GM-S2100B) applied to the metal components. This single-tone style gives the dial a sense of consistency and minimalist flair.

Slim, compact

The watch features a shock-resistant structure with its metal bezel and glass fibre-reinforced resin case. Enhanced material strength enabled further slimming of the exterior while still satisfying the G-SHOCK criteria for shock resistance to achieve a mid-sized form that makes coordinating easy

Band design

Featuring a simple design with a relatively even surface, the band nicely complements the texture of the metal case. Made with urethane for a comfortable fit, the band comes in black, grey or khaki matching the colour of the case.

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