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Grunge Snow Camouflage Series | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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Grunge Snow Camouflage Series

Published on 14 Dec 2021

Available online from 12 Dec onwards. 

From the G-SHOCK lineup of rugged watches that continue to set the standard for timekeeping toughness come new color models in the winter mountain theme of Grunge Snow Camouflage. This new lineup is based on four models: the thin octagonal GAE-2100, the square case DW-5600, the sporty combination analog-digital GA-2200, and the rugged and powerful GA-900. The FROZEN FOREST Series starts with white base coloring, which is multi-angle printed (MAP) with a digital snowflake motif pattern and a cool finish. The midwinter snowy mountain coloring of these models makes them all ideal choices for both winter sports and street fashion wear.




GAE-2100GC-7A (with replacement bezel and band)

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