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Skeleton Mix Pack Series | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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Skeleton Mix Pack Series

Published on 10 Oct 2021


This collection is available online and in-stores from 10 October. 

G-SHOCK first revolutionized timekeeping with its innovative toughness and durability back in 1983. This latest collection, Skeleton Mix Pack is made up of the classic model GA-900 and DW-5900, known for their heavy-duty and great for wear in tough environments.

Designed with colors that are suitable to pair up with street fashion style, the GA-900TS models combine a translucent bezel and a nylon belt to create fresh designs and exquisite hues. The DW-5900TS models have a transparent fluorescent face with special coloring that takes on a faint light when the EL backlight is turned on. The crossover coloring of these models makes them suitable for both outdoor and street fashion wear.

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