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Summer Lover's Couple Watch | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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Summer Lover's Couple Watch

Published on 4 Sep 2021

Inspired by the elements of the beach and sea, these limited-edition pairs of G-SHOCK and BABY-G
 are designed with coral reef motifs and color palette of tropical fishes.


Summer Lovers: SLV-21A-7A

GA-110 and BA-110 

Indulge your love for coral reefs with the unique round face design and digital-analog display. Vibrant colors reminiscent of coral and tropical fish elements are brought together by an all-white band. Bring your ocean world to life with the Summer Lovers SLV-21A-7A pair.

Summer Lovers - SLV-21B-2

DW-5600 and BGD-560 

The SLV-21B-2 pair features a wave and heart pattern on the band and case back. These watches light up with matching heart patterns on the display.

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