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Mudmaster TLC Tie-up Model | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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Mudmaster TLC Tie-up Model

Published on 28 Jan 2022

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from 7 Feb - 10 Feb

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Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body Tie-up Model

Introducing G-SHOCK's latest collaboration with Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body (TLC), both brands has a strong heritage of toughness and durability.

TLC, an active participant of Darkar Rally, which is known to be one of the toughest rally in the world. G-SHOCK, is a watch brand that constantly pushes the envelope of timepiece toughness and performance. This latest collaboration is bulit on the se model is the carbon core guard MUDMASTER GWG-2000, which incorporates forged carbon bezel parts into a compact, lightweight design.

The pattern on the band, which recalls the image of mud and sand splattered on the body of a car during an intense race, is also laser-drawn onto the ion-plated (IP) bezel and buckle. Instantaneous compass readings aid navigation and help keep you on the correct bearing to a goal. Accurate, radio-controlled timekeeping and a big, easy-to-read face support team efforts under harsh racing environments.

The coloring of this model is the same blue, white, and red of the TLC colors, and the back cover sports the team logo, making this a truly special collaboration model.


Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body (TLC)

TLC is a private team of Toyota Auto Body, which is a subsidiary of the Toyota group that produces a range of minivans, SUVs, light commercial vehicles and auto parts. It has been participating with Land Cruiser in the Dakar Rally, the world's toughest rally, since 1995.

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