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Gold Daruma

Published on 8 Nov 2022

Available exclusively online from 10 November 2022


Since its original release in 1983, G-SHOCK has continued to evolve and push the limits of timekeeping toughness. These new models, which are designed in the image of lucky Japanese Daruma, are new additions to the G-SHOCK family. The two models of this lineup link the “Never give up” identity of the G-SHOCK with the Daruma’s symbolism of perseverance and good luck.

Base models are the DW-6900 and GM-6900 trademark models. With these new models, the entire face is designed with the visage of the Daruma, with gold coloring that symbolizes wealth. A Daruma image is also printed on the band rings. The Daruma design motif and the packaging of these models, were designed by Tokyo-based BlackEyePatch. This Tokyo-based design label applies various graffiti techniques to apparel designs. These new models incorporate several features and gimmicks to create a collection of innovative timepieces.


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