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GST-B500 Series

Published on 8 May 2022

Early drop from 10 May onwards! Exclusive for CASIO ID Members only

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G-SHOCK Singapore introduces the new slim and light G-STEEL, GST-B500, an innovative design made possible by a thin module and a carbon core guard structure. The thin module of the GST-B500 is made possible by downsized components and high-density mounting technology, which reduce the thickness without sacrificing Bluetooth® function, solar power capabilities, and so on. Also, the carbon core guard structure, which has a carbon-fiber-reinforced resin case to protect the module, makes GST-B500 the lightest model in the G-STEEL series as of March 2022.

The solidly sophisticated designs of these models go well with a variety of different fashions and styles. The bezel’s surfaces have got different finishes, which creates an elegant effect and changes the appearance of the texture of the metal depending on the viewing angle. In terms of the colorways, there are three silver colors, one black color, and one gold color. The silver models have three different color dials: all black, black with a red accent, and green.

Regarding the functions, timekeeping features include automatic time adjustment, and when paired with a smartphone installed with the dedicated app called CASIO WATCHES. The watches also can be set world time from 38 cities. The other outstanding features are a reminder setting that helps users keep track of upcoming events set in the app, as well as, a high-brightness double LED light that maintains watch readability in the dark.

The base models of this series are the square-case radio-controlled solar digital GW-B5600, the big-case GA-700 and GA-100, and the octagon bezel GA-2100. The casual styles and colors of these models are just the thing for street fashion wear.

G-Steel_GST-B500_Gold and Black

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