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MT-G Multi-Color Carbon Limited Edition | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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MT-G Multi-Color Carbon Limited Edition

Published on 10 Jan 2022

Available online (exclusive to CASIO ID Members) from 15 Jan. 

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G-SHOCK introduces the latest addition to the G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches. The new MTG-B2000XMG, which boasts a multicolor carbon bezel made by laminating carbon with colored glass fiber, is part of the MT-G line of watches, all of which feature a construction that makes the most of the properties of both metal and resin. 

The bezel for the MTG-B2000XMG is manufactured using a new process for randomly laminating carbon and colored glass fibers, from which the bezel is hewn. This process yields a multicolor bezel with a multilayered pattern, expressing the beautiful mystical coloration of Rainbow Mountain, which shows strata of different colors created by the oxidation of minerals built up over time from volcanic activity and tectonic movement. No two watches look the same, each revealing a unique multilayered pattern where the bezel is hewn. Colorful ion plating (IP) adorns the watch’s componentry, from the rainbow IP on the inner edge of the bezel to the rose gold IP of the buckle and band loop to the light blue and purple IP of the front screws, buttons, and crown. The multicolor face design complements the hues of the bezel. 

Colors of the final products may differ from those shown here.

The watch keeps accurate time anywhere by receiving radio wave time-calibration signals. Smartphone Link functionality also ensures that the watch automatically stays up to date with time zone and daylight savings time (DST) changes by pairing with a dedicated app on a smartphone. Other features include solar charging and a high-brightness LED to ensure optimum convenience.

State-of-the-art CASIO carbon technology is used to create a multi-color carbon bezel reinforced with glass fibers. The bezel is machined from colorful reinforced carbon base material that is created by laminating randomly colored layers, so no two bezels are the same. The glass fiber reinforced carbon material creates bezels that are lightweight and very strong. The striking effect of the colorful laminated bezel combines with a rainbow ion-plated (IP) ring, rose gold ion-plating, and a gray semi-transparent band to create a rainbow mountain theme. A rainbow mountain is a mysterious natural phenomenon whose multi-hued layers are created by the oxidation of minerals deposited by volcanic activity and crustal movements.

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