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Neon Accent Series | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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Neon Accent Series

Published on 4 March 2022

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Neon Accent Series - the new series of the popular GA-2100 featuring neon colors. This series has matte black as a base for all watches, and bright neon accents on the hour marker. There are three colorways: blue, green, and orange. The phosphorescent coating is applied to the hands, which helps you read in dark places.

These watches feature a carbon core guard structure that is shock resistance yet slim. These watches have a world time setting which allows you to select time from 48 cities. Also, a double LED light for the face and the digital display gives a clear view in dark places.

Regarding the features of functions, all watches are equipped with lights for the face or the digital display, which gives a clear view in dark places. They are shock-resistant and have 200 meters of water resistance. In addition, GA-2100CA and GA-700CA can set world time from 48 cities.


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