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Time Distortion Series | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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Time Distortion Series

Published on 8 Dec 2022

Available online from 10 Dec 2022.

G-SHOCK, the watch that has relentlessly pursued timekeeping toughness since its release in 1983, announces a new Time Distortion series with designs that express the distortion of space and time. Patterns that represent the distortion of space-time are printed on the band and dial, and bright fluorescent coloring accents create images of the sci-fi world. The Time Distortion lineup consists of three models: the DW-5900 with three digital sub-dials, the standard digital DW-D5600, and the digital, front-button DW-6900. Futuristic designs, eye-catching fluorescent colors, and unique print patterns give these classic standard digitals a new look in digital timekeeping.

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