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AW-500 AW-500E-1E

รุ่นอะนาล็อกแรกที่เปิดตัวในปี 1989

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Original Style

Original Style [AW-500E]

The design of the original model, which had not been made digital, provides blueprints for newly designed components. The variant hand shapes, triangular marker, index, decorative letters and numerals, and other such features are reproduced faithfully.

All-Original Beauty of Form

All-Original Beauty of Form

The watch’s “simple & minimal” design concept draws on the unique characteristics of its resin-molded form with features such as the slanted bezel with its curved outline that continues onto the band.

Perfect Circle Motif

Perfect Circle Motif

Embodying the“ simple & minimal” design, the perfect circle motif is adopted even for side buttons. The same historic originality informs features such as the angle of horizontally operated button shafts as well.

New Style

New Style [AW-500BB]

Components including the case, band, dial, hands and reverse LCD display all uniformly feature a single color. The adoption of a bar index lends the watch a simpler design.

Shock-Resistant Structure

Just like the AW-500, which upended conceptions of analog watches’ susceptibility to damage from shock, the watch ensures characteristic G-SHOCK shock resistance by employing hollow case construction and omnidirectional covering.

Improved Construction

Even lighter weight is achieved with the watch’s updated design featuring an inner case made of resin and back cover with panel construction. The shock-resistant design of the module serves to protect against electronic components’ detachment or breakage and watch hands’ falling out of alignment.

Evolution of Features

The watch realizes features including EL backlight and an approximately 7-year battery life. Such features offer even greater practical use.


Origin and Evolution

The concept of toughness in a watch was pioneered by G-SHOCK. Six years after the advent of the first G-SHOCK ever, the AW-500 made its debut. This historic moment paved the way for every analog G-SHOCK since. It was also marked the upending of the conventional “G-SHOCK = digital” mindset. Presenting expanded possibilities in design and technology, this analog DNA has been inherited over the years by a range of different models.

Over the passage of 30 years, the analog models’ origin presents a new evolution in unchanged form with the resin AW-500E and the metal AWM-500. These are no mere reissues. These watches of toughness stand as heirs to their origin while delivering new evolution all their own. With creativity and innovation, the G-SHOCK never ceases to take it higher.


Simple & Minimal

Simple & Minimal

While inheriting the shock-resistant structure of the G-SHOCK, the AW-500 features extreme streamlining in its sweeping pursuit of the essence of toughness. With its embodiment of this universal concept, the model achieves a design still vivid now after 30 years.

Round Form

Round Form

With a case design seemingly carved from a block of resin, the watch adopts a perfect circle motif?a form primal and fundamental. Guards are shaped so as to hide the buttons when viewed from the front.

Variant Hand Shapes

Variant Hand Shapes

The AW-500’s minute hand takes the shape of an arrow with holes, while the hour hand features a framed form. With its emphasis of the hour and minute hands’ sense of presence even when they overlap, the watch’s characteristic arrow design functions to accent the dial design.

Index Design

Index Design

The AW-500 offers a unique dial presentation all its own, fulfilling the G-SHOCK’s promise of 200-meter water resistance and drawing on inspiration from diver’s watch design with a layout featuring a triangular marker and minute-displaying index.

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