The MTG-B2000PH



The MT-G product line has long served as a hotbed of innovation for G-SHOCK. Over the last several years, G-SHOCK has experimented with bold use of color and materials to create a new line of MT-G watches that are nothing short of otherworldly. In 2019, the MT-G 20th Anniversary model, the MTG-B1000RB, was unveiled at Baselworld, surprising not only G-SHOCK fans with its use of Rainbow IP treatment but watch enthusiasts more broadly. In response to incredible support, G-SHOCK announced the MTG-B1000VL, or “Volcanic Lightning” in 2020, and in 2021, we see the introduction of the stunning MTG-B2000PH “Blue Phoenix”.

The MTG-B2000PH “Blue Phoenix” is an iridescent update to the MT-G line from G-SHOCK, referring not only to the universal symbol of rebirth embodied by the legendary bird rising from the ashes, but specifically to the transformative significance of the Blue Phoenix in Eastern Mythology. The phoenix is a symbol of high virtue and grace, and its appearance promises an inner journey of letting go of the old self and accepting a new path in life.

As a nod to the majestic plumage that adorns the Blue Phoenix, the MTG-B2000PH features an iridescent case, bezel, and dial. The special rainbow ionic plating (IP) techniques that produce the shimmering hues of the MTG-B2000PH-2A’s bezel and case evoke otherworldly flames and the mythical bird that arises from them.

Rainbow IP was first adopted by G-SHOCK over ten years ago and after a decade of extensive testing and development, IP is an indispensable element of G-SHOCK’s approach to color, material, and finish (CMF). Rainbow IP is a highly difficult method to achieve and the unique finish involves a challenging process of depositing a color film on individual watch parts through the adhesion of metal particles via a complex gas reaction. The multi-hued IP tone has a deep blue base to its coloration, but the vapor deposition and coating methods used produce a unique, one-of-kind miasma of color for each watch, right from the get-go.

That same bold, multi-color application quality finds its way to the hands, indices, dial rings, and other components as well. IP-coated gold screws present a strong visual matrix for this vibrant color statement to play with. Layers of red-to-yellow gradation are then applied in opposing directions to create a supernatural effect. Calling to minda high-temperature flame billowing from the center and Blue Phoenix taking off.

The dramatic rainbow hues of the MTG-B2000PH are exaggerated by an exacting Sallaz polishing on the metal components of the watch. Unlike the past models, the case design features a separate bezel structure, lending even more surface area for polishing. Taking advantage of this structure, we see a new expression that mixes colors using horizontal gradation for the bezel and vertical gradation for the metal frame. In order to create this unique graduation pattern, G-SHOCK created custom polishing jigs and performed the IP process on each piece until the desired independent finish was achieved. This enables multi-layered color expression, which would otherwise be impossible with a single-polished case construction.

A handsome, technical, deep navy urethane strap anchors the abundant chromatic optics of the watch. The transparency of the strap is subtle and perfectly complements the vibrancy of the case and dial. By combining a band that blends a deep navy color with an elegant luster loop, a beautiful and majestic watch suitable for its namesake is completed.

Its sibling, the MTG-B2000D-1A, combines a more traditional metal approach and innovative structure that highlights the bold functionality of the line, as well as the more unorthodox pops of color and varied sub-dial sizes, positions, and accents. The Blue Phoenix version takes it to the next level with beautiful IP color representation.



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