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Shock Resistance


Shock Resistance

Core technologies  supporting G-SHOCK’s pursuit  of toughness

Hollow case structure

Hollow case structure

The proprietary case structure leading to the birth of the first G-SHOCK

Based on a realization that "shocks are not transmitted inside a bouncing rubber ball," the structure was designed to let the module float inside the case, relieving shocks transmitted from outside. Today, the module’s shock resistance is realized through further technical innovations. But the revolutionary tough structure that gave G-SHOCK its origin began here.

Hollow case structure

Protective cushioning of key parts

The crystal oscillator and other critical parts inside the module are guarded individually by cushioning material. Any strong shock to the watch causes immediate distortion of the cushioning inside the module, preventing contact failure and malfunction.

Protective cushioning of key parts
All-directional covering

All-directional covering

If the watch is dropped, the protruding bezel fully enclosing it absorbs the shock, protecting the buttons directly connected to the module and alleviating shocks from all directions. The bezel also guards the surface of the crystal. The band is curved stiffly at the point of connection with the case, moreover, enabling it to serve as a shock absorber and prevent direct shocks to the back of the case.

Original square design (5000/5600 series)

Original square design  (5000/5600 series)

We retained the original G-SHOCK’s square design while at the same time pursuing universal utility in everything from the internal design, including the module structure and LCD, to such exterior design features as the materials, size and shape. The proud original shape has been passed down without change through the 5000/5600 series as a symbol of G-SHOCK.

  • DESIGN Minimalist design with impeccable shock resistance
  • SIZE LCD with 16:10 aspect ratio, close to the human viewing angle
  • SHAPE Perfectly balanced form that doesn’t interfere in any way with wearing


Shock-resistance test

DW-5600 Hammer

MR-G Smashing

Shock Resistance

200m Water Resistance

Triple G Resist

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