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Tough Movement


Tough Movement

This radio-controlled,  solar-powered  analog movement 
has 4 advanced functions  installed that improve 
the reliability of  the radio-controlled watch.

Standard time radio wave reception (Multiband 6)

Standard time radio wave reception (Multiband 6)

Standard time radio waves are received by a tiny built-in antenna in Japan (Fukushima and Kyushu transmission stations), the United States, the UK, Germany and China, and the time is corrected automatically.

Tough Solar

Tough Solar

Casio's proprietary solar-charging system converts light to ample power to operate multiple power-hungry functions.

Auto Hand Home Position Correction

This system detects and confirms the positioning of the hands once an hour. In the rare event that a hand has slipped out of place, the system returns it to the precisely correct position automatically.

Hybrid Mount Construction

This technology precisely calculates the strength of the parts materials and design details. The result is a movement structure with extremely high shock resistance.


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