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The first full metal G-SHOCK was born in 2018, starting with the stainless steel-clad GMW-B5000D, and since then, a wide variety of variations have been developed. The collection has become a symbol of the CMF (color, material, and finish) design that Casio has been promoting in recent years, including the aggressive use of new materials, color expression using IP and DLC, and unique patterns created by aged processing and lasers. While the form of this collection follows that of ORIGIN, it has a different appeal from the basic models with resin, and has succeeded in attracting new followers as well as long-time G-SHOCK geeks.

The latest steel ORIGIN is the GMW-B5000MB, a cool monochrome two-tone model based on a matte-textured black case and bracelet, with only the top surface of the bezel finished in silver. The design source is the GMW-B5000GD-1 from the first Full Metal ORIGIN collection, the first blacked stainless steel piece in the Full Metal ORIGIN lineup, treated with IP to give it a deep and glossy look.


Successive full metal ORIGINs, including this model, were mostly finished with a combination of polished and hairline finishes. Therefore as a new expression of black, the GMW-B5000MB dared to choose a matte finish for its look. The honing process, which had been used only as a point of reference in previous G-SHOCKs, was used extensively, and the surface was coated with black IP, one tone lighter than the GMW-B5000GD – an all-black model that has appeared in the past – to create a subdued atmosphere that is different from previous full-metal ORIGIN models.

The matte texture brought about by the honing process is in contrast to the conventional full-metal ORIGIN, which is mainly glossy, but it gives it a fresh feel. However, it seems that a great deal of trial and error went into achieving this subdued look, with the most difficult part being the balance of finishes. The goal was to create a full-metal ORIGIN with a matte texture, but the honing process applied to the entire watch gave it a more subdued impression than a calm one.

The GMW-B5000MB uses a lot of honing, but also leaves a hairline on the sides of the bracelet and on the slopes of the pieces, as well as on the screws and push-pieces. The inspiration for this design came from the combination of matte texture and mirror finish found in car wheels and high-end headphones. The mirror finish is applied to the buttons and other parts of the watch to create a subdued atmosphere with a touch of glamour.

Among these treatments, a particularly unique technique is used on the top surface of the bezel. Basically, models with color IP are made by applying a hairline to the case and bracelet, and then applying IP to express various colors. In the GMW-B5000MB, the entire surface is IP coated, and then only the top surface of the bezel is polished to reveal the underlying stainless steel color. This process requires polishing only the surface IP, and is said to be a high-risk method that cannot be corrected if a mistake is made. Even so, the decision to use IP polishing was made in order to achieve a beautiful finish. By carefully polishing only the top surface, the boundary between the bezel and the sides of the bezel is clearly defined, and a more edgy look can be achieved.

The GMW-B5000MB, which skillfully combines Casio's signature surface treatment to create a monochrome yet three-dimensional and elegant look, not only brings a fresh tone to black, an important part of the G-SHOCK lineup, but also brings a new dimension to a full metal watch that has been a shining example of a shining model. This model added a new impression to full-metal ORIGIN.

All content including images is credited to Hodinkee.

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