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The latest MTG-B3000D is a model with a cool silver and black look based on the concept of "light and shadow“. Although the MTG-B3000D uses standard colors, a complete change from the impactful look of the first model which used a color insert. Even though MTG-B3000 are thin and can be easily worn with jackets, the first two models with metal bracelet had distinctive coloring, so it is true that they are models that cannot be worn by a wide range of people. In this era of rapidly changing lifestyles, this MTG-B3000D is the MT-G that truly caters to everyone.

While the coloring may be basic, the creation of the MTG-B3000D is very intricate. Plus, the MTG-B3000D focuses on silver and black to emphasize the sense of composition among the parts, a characteristic of the MT-G, and to embody a look with a more industrial feel. The MTG-B3000D is a silver and black watch with an enhanced quality feel.

The top bezel, the key component of the watch, is made of stainless steel with black IP applied to the entire surface, and then only the top surface is polished. The top surface of the bezel is covered with hairline stainless steel, but the G-SHOCK logo and other letters and the bezel bevel are covered with black IP, creating a striking contrast with the silver color of the bezel. This technique is also used for the four screws that accentuate the design, and when combined with the ingeniously shaped caseback with its multiple extended claws, it creates a truly three-dimensional, industrial appearance. This is an example of an early application of the processing technology developed for the GMW-B5000MB.

Of course, the creation to emphasize contrast is not limited to the exterior, but is also incorporated into the parts that make up the dial. One example is the hour and minute hands. The shape of the hands and the aluminum material are the same as in the first model, but in the MTG-B3000D, the hands are now two-tone, with silver on both sides and black in the center. The hands are anodized silver, then the center line is peeled off with a laser and cut into a concave shape, and the grooves are anodized black. The other is the in-dial at the 10 o'clock position, which is based on a black resin part with silver vapor deposition plating. By peeling it off with a laser, the day of the week, the indicator pattern, and the silver ring around the periphery appear to shine like mirrors, which is also an effective accent.

The MTG-B3000D is a model that unifies the entire watch in a basic silver and black color scheme, but it is a model in which Casio's technological expertise can be felt in the use of processing suitable for the materials and shape of each part to enhance the watch's appeal. The carbon core guard structure for shock resistance and the various functions represented by the Mobile Link are the same as in the first model, but special processing processes are used in abundance to further emphasize the MT-G's unique composition.

Since 2018, when the G-SHOCK’s full metal ORIGIN was introduced, Casio has expanded the metal models of its GMW and MR-G series while utilizing its own CMF (color material finish) design. On the other hand, MT-G pursues a fusion of different materials, combining metal and cutting-edge resin. On the exterior, MT-G continues to appeal to the originality and advanced nature unique to MT-G by incorporating a design that makes the structure of the watch visible. Of course, the planning and design hurdles are getting higher year by year, as it is necessary to consider how to showcase the shock-resistant structure when designing a watch. The MTG-B3000D is the edgiest G-SHOCK to date, having overcome this challenge.

All content including images is credited to Hodinkee.

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