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Hypebeast -The G-STEEL GST-B500 Series Introduces a Slimmer Metal and Carbon Core Case | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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The G-STEEL GST-B500 Series Introduces a Slimmer Metal and Carbon Core Case

As featured on Hypebeast, 19 May 2022

A refined, clean iteration of G-SHOCK’s most iconic silhouettes.

The G-STEEL GST-B500 series, the latest assortment of timepieces by G-SHOCK, streamlines the metal band of its predecessor, the GST-B400, ushering in the brand’s slimmest profile yet.

As an extension of G-SHOCK’s Carbon Core Guard lineup, the G-STEEL GST-B500 series presents sleek, minimalist design accents. The 12.8 mm profile sports a stainless steel band and a mixed material case, including a negative LCD and a tonal dial layout that differentiates each model. The collection introduces silver models GST-B500D-1A and GST-B500D-1A1, the latter showcasing an all-black dial. The silver GST-B500AD-3A boasts a forest green dial, while the GST-B500GD-9A features a gold strap and case contrasted by a black dial and gold-tinted hour markers. A uniquely-designed 3D face distinguishes the GST-B500 lineup and hones G-SHOCK’s innovative design while retaining key performance aspects integral to the brand. Each timepiece exhibits mineral glass and a Neobrite lume, G-SHOCK’s proprietary technology offering luminescent effects activated in low-light environments.

The range adapts design elements from the GA-2100 and GST-B400 models — specifically the LCD, now consolidated at the lower right of the dial, additionally incorporating Tough Solar power and a Bluetooth smartphone link. Weighing approximately 143 grams, the GST-B500 timepieces integrate interactive mechanisms like auto time adjustment via Bluetooth, 200-meter water resistance, world time access in up to 300 cities and a phone finder feature that syncs with smartphone apps. All featured models are shock-resistant and come equipped with dual LED lights.

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