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Hypebeast - G-SHOCK Captures Ethereal Accents With Midnight Fog Collection | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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G-SHOCK Captures Ethereal Accents With Midnight Fog Collection

As featured on Hypebeast, 22 Mar 2022

A metal body distinctly inspired by dissipating night fog.

G-SHOCK returns with the Midnight Fog collection, introducing a series of timepieces in honed metal that evoke the soft essence of night fog.

With the latest assortment, the brand has unveiled new iterations of the GM-2100MF, GM-5600MF and GM-110MF models, revamping the iconic octagonal face in a matte finish in various subdued shades that evoke the intangible essence of fog. The neutral, metal-clad body features matching translucent straps that evanesce the soft wash of color throughout.

The stainless steel timepieces are meticulously treated with thematic ion plating in a matte overlay for a weighted, contemporary feel. As if veiled in a cloud of dissipating smoke, each timepiece is replete with soft-toned accents complementary to the rugged bezel, including a textural vaporized finish throughout the dial and case.

The series includes mid-size models GM-S5600 and GM-S2100 in its unisex lineup. Equipped with a super illuminator LED and EL backlight for nighttime transition, the range retains familiar mechanisms like a built-in stopwatch, countdown timer, 200-meter water resistance and a multi-function alarm system, allowing users to set five alarms at once.

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