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G-SHOCK 110: Stunning Impact, Creative Face Design

Published on 25 Oct 2022

This series was inspired by the subculture "Steampunk". Immediately after its launch in 2010, it became popular all over the world. The creative face design is a combination of digital and analog, and the three-dimensional and powerful big face is attractive.


GA-110 Series

The most basic/resin models.

GM-110 Series

Stylish model with a metal bezel

GMA-S110 Series

A downsized model of GA-110. The compact and genderless design makes it comfortable for women to wear.


All-Time Record, No. 1 Sales Worldwide

With its distinctive design, inventive color variations and diverse record of collaboration, the GA-110—now in its tenth year since inception—boasts top G-SHOCK sales worldwide. Keeping pace with the times. Keeping pace with culture. The model continues to share its spirit of toughness with the world.

A Vision of Toughness × Steampunk

A series with roots in Steampunk, a popular sci-fi genre with subcultural appeal, where gargantuan structures encompassing powerful steam engines and complex, intricate control mechanisms exude senses of heft and bulk. With inspiration drawn from Steampunk’s retro-futuristic vision integrating street sense with technological savvy, the concept of a steam-powered G-SHOCK was born.

Original Design Combines Large Case and Layered Dial

Case sizes were among the largest in the G-SHOCK line. Rivet-style design throughout made for a powerful, rugged look. A pairing of gear-shaped hands with a steam engine shaft-inspired Y-shaped part lent a mechanistic edge to the face. The increased number of intricately detailed parts—achieved with original Casio processes—enabled multi-color exteriors as well.

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