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Made.Tough: Paradise Youth Club DW-6900PYU21 Collaboration | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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Made.Tough: Paradise Youth Club DW-6900PYU21 Collaboration

Published on 10 Mar 2022

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Casio Malaysia has officially announced today the remarkable collaboration model with the fashion brand, Paradise Youth Club. This is the first collaboration between Casio and Paradise Youth Club in launching a limited-edition G-SHOCK DW-6900PYU21. 

DW-6900 was released in 1995, which was the first G-SHOCK to feature an EL backlight. The backlight’s ability to display text or a symbol became a popular feature. Also, the series won fans as a “Triple Graph” model and has remained just as popular to this day. In terms of specification, the watch is shock-resistant and has 200-meter water resistance.



Taking inspiration from Power Source, the recent Fall Winter Collection from PYC, explores the digital network that became the main power source to people’s life since its beginning and now. In essence, we are a puppet to so called the master itself — internet. Thus, the design chose for this collaboration took a futuristic approach with its silver band. The DW-6900 was a personal touch by the PYC’s founder as it brings their first memories of G-Shock.

Paradise Youth Club DW-6900PYU21 is based on the DW-6900. The watch exudes futuristic elements by employing the silver-color bezel and band. The light green face and big front button become a good accent. By turning on the backlight, the word “Power Source” emerge.  On the back case, the phrase “Guide to the Paradise Highway” is engraved. 


 DW-6900PYU21 exclusive packaging 

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