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Camo Dial Utility Series | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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Camo Dial Utility Series

Published on 11 Feb 2022

Available online from 10 Feb.

The latest Camo Dial Utility series which has a camouflage pattern on the faces with minimal colors. There are three base models: the standard square case DW-5600, the GA-700 with a round case and a distinctive front button, and the thin octagon case GA-2100. Five different colorways applied: Blue-gray, gray, navy, brown, and dark gray. All the watches of this series go well with street fashion, outdoor wear, sportswear, and other casual styles.

Regarding the features of functions, all watches are equipped with lights for the face or the digital display, which gives a clear view in dark places. They are shock-resistant and have 200 meters of water resistance. In addition, GA-2100CA and GA-700CA can set world time from 48 cities.

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