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G-SQUAD Red Out Sports Edition

Published on 6 Jan 2022

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G-SHOCK introduces the new G-SQUAD Red Out series, which are the new colorways of the tough sports watches. The base models are GBD-200 which inherits the square design of the original G-SHOCK, and the analog-digital combination GBA-900. The bezel, case, and band are all red, and there are some red color accents of the hands or some indication on the faces. 



The G-SQUAD Red Out Sport Edition can link with the GPS of a smartphone for quicker calibration of distance measurements. Calibration makes running distance measurements more accurate, even when the watch is not connected to the phone. You can also measure your running pace, and an auto lap function is to measure the time, which takes you to run a specified distance.

A G-SHOCK MOVE app can be installed on your smartphone and linked with the watch and check your Lifelog and history data, which can support daily training. You can also use the app to configure various watch settings. Smartphone linking also lets you connect with the watch via Bluetooth® to enable auto time adjustment, phone notifications, step tracking, and other functions throughout the day. From daily health management to the training that improves running endurance, these new watches provide you with the tools you need to achieve a wide range of health and workout goals.

In terms of other features, these watches equip with a double LED light for the face and digital display, which gives a clear view in dark places. The soft urethane band with many band holes provides you outstanding ventilation and flexibility and ensures a snug fit on the wrist.

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