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Lovers' Collection 22A: 110 Series | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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Lovers' Collection 22A: 110 Series

Published on 14 Dec 2022

Available online from 15 Dec 2022.

These new his-and-hers Seasonal Pair Collection watches feature Morse code messages of love. The base models are the popular standard big case G-SHOCK GA-110 and the BABY-G BA-110, with a G-SHOCK-like design. The bodies and bands of both models are basic white, marked with Morse code messages. The band of the G-SHOCK model has Morse code for "LOVE IS," while the BABY-G has Morse code for "GRAVITY." Put together, these form the message "LOVE IS GRAVITY." The back cover is engraved with the year 2022, with images of an angel and devil as the ultimate opposites attracting each other. These paired models come in a specially designed white box, making them perfect gift items.

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