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Midnight Fog Series | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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Midnight Fog Series

Published on 8 March 2022

Available online from 10 Mar.

G-SHOCK introduces the new series MIDNIGHT FOG featuring the neutral color with five base models and four colors. The neutral colors and the semi-transparent bands draw the image of fog in the middle of the night. A color ion-plated (IP) finish and a honed matte finish on the metal parts give an elegant look.

In terms of the five base models and colors, one is a blue color standard square face GM-5600. The smaller size of GM-5600, GM-S5600 comes in a purple colorway. The big case GM-110 comes in black while the octagonal bezel GM-2100 is a brown color, and the smaller size of GM-2100, GM-S2100, is in black.

Regarding the functions, all five watches are shock-resistant and 200-meter water-resistant. Also, they are equipped with EL backlight or LED light which gives a clear view in dark places.GM-110MF, GM-2100MF, and GM-S2100MF can be set world time from 48 cities.


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