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MRG-B2000 Series

Published on 18 Mar 2022

G-SHOCK introduces three new releases of MRG-B2000, which are inspired by the aesthetics of ancient Japan.  The detailing of the watches is carefully crafted in terms of structure, function, material, and finish. On the face of the three new MRG-B2000, the outer periphery is cut to the shapes that resemble a Japanese fan or folding screen, creating a simple yet gorgeous texture. The nano-processing technology of Yamagata CASIO is harnessed to create the beautiful edges and curved surfaces of the hour markers in a form that recreates the curve of a fine sword.

There is a mirror finishing on the case and part of the band with Sallaz polishing, and the surface has a dual-layer hardened coating. Also, the watches have a glare-resistant coated sapphire crystal. There are three colorways: Black, silver, and red.



MRG-B2000B-1A4DR was designed with the theme of "Akazonae": a special military unit during Japan's Warring States Period called Sengoku Jidai. The armor and weapons were a distinctively uniform red color. The commanders of elite troops have been allowed to flaunt the valor of their soldiers. This model is generously decorated with red, a color that has been the symbol of strength since ancient times, on the bezel and dial. Combining Akazonae red with G-SHOCK black creates a look of strength and power that spans the ages.


Regarding the functions, MRG-B2000 features the auto time signal reception which gives you easy time adjustment and smartphone link by Bluetooth® to allow you to use the Application MR-G Connected. Also, this watch is solar-powered.

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