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Innovative exterior design with fresh slimline construction: A new MT-G with an innovative slim module

Featuring the original design concept of a case back that extends into an intricate 3D form, this timepiece is built with an even more advanced Dual Core Guard structure. Interlocking metal parts give the exterior a look of rugged intricacy. The new structure, combined with the slim module, delivers a streamlined, compact, lightweight look and feel on the wrist.



Combining rigidity, compact form, and lightness:
An even more advanced Dual Core Guard structure

We continue to improve our original MT-G Dual Core Guard structure, now protecting the module with a carbon-reinforced resin case and enclosing the exterior with metal components. At the heart of the new structure is the unique case back, a solid piece of intricately shaped stainless steel. We give it high rigidity using integrated moulding to create a single form with raised sides, which serves as the lugs to secure the band and as the guards for crown and buttons.

Intricate metal exterior
for a totally unique beauty of a form

We apply repeated processes of pressing, cutting, and polishing to make a stainless steel case back that is smooth on the wrist but protrudes upward in an intricate, 3D form.
Its configuration interlocks with the top bezel, with uniquely shaped screws joining the two.
With its stunning Sallaz-polished surfaces and intricate beauty of form, this timepiece shows off the profound look of the metal material itself, while also achieving a slim profile.

Advanced functionality in downsized form:
A slim, shock-resistant module

While maintaining shock resistance, we optimised the circuit board layout by using smaller, slimmer parts and integrating electronic componentry with high-density mounting technology.
This multi-hand chronograph is equipped with Smartphone Link and solar-powered radio control, but with a module 1.45 mm slimmer than the MTG-B1000.
That makes the watch more than 2 mm slimmer, at just 12.1 mm.


One-touch exchange for easy swapping

Simply press buttons located on both sides of the lugs to quickly and easily swap out the band without special tools. Fun customisation options are provided with two interchangeable bands: a layered-composite band made of hollow metal segments encasing fine resin parts, and a soft urethane band with a light, comfortable fit.

Black accented with distinctive and colourful IP

Ion plating (IP) in options of red or green provides vibrant accents to the bold black base colour. The MTG-B3000B features a monochrome black and grey appearance.

Super Illuminator (high-brightness LED light) for maintaining watch readability in the dark

Solar-powered timekeeping with Bluetooth® and radio control for enhanced accuracy and reliability

Scratch-resistant, highly transparent sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating on the inside surface

MR-G Connected

Multiple functions, all at your fingertips

(Smartphone app)

- Watch status display:
Graphical display of solar power generation status and more.

- Self-check:
Automatic evaluation of watch functions’ operational status. Displays a screen alert in the case of malfunction.

- Automatic time adjustment (four times a day)
- World time for over 300 cities
- Home time/world time switching
- Timer/alarm setting
- Phone finder


  • Shock-resistant structure / centrifugal force resistance / vibration-resistant structure (Triple G Resist)
  • 20-bar water resistance
  • Tough Solar (solar powered)
  • Smartphone Link
  • Radio-controlled (Multi Band 6)
  • Auto hand home position correction
  • Dual time
  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • Alarm
  • LED light (Super Illuminator)
  • Date display

Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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