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GPS signal reception


GPS signal reception

Acquires positioning and  time information from 
GPS satellites.
Analyzes the current time zone and 
Daylight Saving Time data and displays 
the correct time.

Quick display of the correct time anywhere in the world

— Acquires information on your current position and time from GPS satellites.
— Automatically analyzes the time zone based on your positioning information.
— Determines the Daylight Saving Time status of your current location and displays the accurate time automatically.
— Connects with GPS satellites in as little as 3 seconds. Time correction is complete in a minimum of 7 seconds.
— Also supports once-a-day automatic reception.

Unique GPS algorithm

Use of positioning data from GPS satellites and data from a high-resolution map divided into a grid with units measuring about 500 m enables users to determine locations more accurately.
In addition, use of a single-variable data analysis method to group areas in the same time zone that share the same Daylight Saving Time regulations makes it possible to establish time differences with greater speed and accuracy.

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GPS time-calibration signal reception

Standard time radio wave reception
(Multiband 6)

(Tough Solar)

GPS radio-controlled, solar-powered timekeeping

Bluetooth®-installed radio-controlled,
solar-powered timekeeping

GPS hybrid radio-controlled,
solar-powered timekeeping

+ Tough Solar

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