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Technology - Standard time radio wave reception (Multiband 6) | G-SHOCK INDIA

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Standard time radio wave reception (Multiband 6)


Standard time 
radio wave reception
(Multiband 6)

A built-in miniature  antenna conducts 
high-sensitivity reception  of standard time  radio waves 
carrying time information  and corrects 
the time automatically.

Indoor or outdoor radio wave reception

— Compatible with standard time radio wave transmissions in Japan (2 stations), North America, the UK, Germany and China.

— Receives radio waves and displays the correct time indoors. 
* In places such as the vicinity of windows where radio wave reception is easy

— Keeps the correct time at night with automatic reception (up to 6 times).

— Achieves reception with lower power consumption.

Shock-resistant miniature antenna

A tiny shock-resistant antenna constructed of an amorphous material achieves high-sensitivity reception of standard time radio waves carrying time information.
Reliability that enables stable radio wave reception from any of 6 stations worldwide is realized simultaneously with the robustness required to handle rough treatment under the most rugged conditions.

North American region
European region

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GPS time-calibration signal reception

Standard time radio wave reception
(Multiband 6)

(Tough Solar)

GPS radio-controlled, solar-powered timekeeping

Bluetooth®-installed radio-controlled,
solar-powered timekeeping

GPS hybrid radio-controlled,
solar-powered timekeeping

+ Tough Solar

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