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BluetoothR-installed Tough Solar


Tough Solar

The time is corrected automatically via smartphone 
using Bluetooth® communication.
The system also makes a wide choice 
of convenient lifestyle apps available to users.

Smartphone Link (Bluetooth®)

Smartphone Link (Bluetooth®)

The built-in Smartphone Link function uses (Bluetooth®)
communications to connect to a smartphone and correct the time automatically four times a day. When crossing time zones, the watch displays the local time with one push of a button. It also uses information acquired via smartphone to update the global time difference and time zone information contained in the watch’s internal data.

Tough Solar

Tough Solar

Casio's proprietary solar-charging system converts light to ample power to operate multiple power-hungry functions.

Smartphone Link

GPS time-calibration signal reception

Standard time radio wave reception
(Multiband 6)

(Tough Solar)

GPS radio-controlled, solar-powered timekeeping

Bluetooth®-installed radio-controlled,
solar-powered timekeeping

GPS hybrid radio-controlled,
solar-powered timekeeping

+ Tough Solar

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