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Smartphone Link


Smartphone Link

Coordination with a smartphone  using 
Bluetooth® communication  realizes timekeeping accuracy 
and easy operation simultaneously.

Automatic Time Adjustment

Automatic Time Adjustment

The smartphone connects with the watch automatically 4 times a day and corrects the time. When traveling across time zones, you can display the current local time with one push of a button. You can also use the app to check time-related regulations such as changes in time zones and the start and end of Daylight Savings Time in regions around the world and add them to the watch’s internal data. The correct time based on the latest time information is always displayed.

Accurate Time System

This advanced time correction system acquires time data from an Internet-based server anywhere in the world and combines it with time information from a proprietary Casio database to determine the precise current time.

Easy watch setting

Easy watch setting

Watch functions that can be managed easily on the smartphone app include World Time city setting (over 300 cities), Home Time/World Time display switching and alarm/timer setting. This means you can use a variety of convenient functions at will without touching any buttons on the watch.

* Settable functions vary depending on the model.

Smartphone Link

GPS time-calibration signal reception

Standard time radio wave reception
(Multiband 6)

(Tough Solar)

GPS radio-controlled, solar-powered timekeeping

Bluetooth®-installed radio-controlled,
solar-powered timekeeping

GPS hybrid radio-controlled,
solar-powered timekeeping

+ Tough Solar

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